Hub Church launched in 2020. Photo provided by Hub Church

Ask most folks what the year 2020 brings to mind and without a doubt the pandemic lockdown is at the top of the list. It was the year that ‘CDC’, ‘Dr. Fauci’, and ‘N95 masks’ became part of our daily vocabulary. Our world was forever changed seemingly overnight.

But ask Mark Kaiser that same question and he’ll tell you something quite different. For him and his family, 2020 marked the year he launched the church he had felt called to open for decades.
If it had been up to him, he probably wouldn’t have chosen to open during a pandemic. God, however, had other plans, and in September of 2020, Pastor Mark, along with his wife Lori, opened Hub Church in Honeoye Falls.

In the late 90s, after working at Kodak for several years, Mark took a leap of faith, quit corporate America and accepted a position as a full-time pastor at Faith Temple in Brighton where he would remain for nearly 25 years. It was during his later years of his ministry work at Faith Temple that it became clear to Mark he was being called to lead elsewhere. After much prayer and good counsel, he made the decision to resign his position and began preparing to lead his own congregation.

Though the personal training and preparation Mark was undertaking was, at times, difficult and time consuming, he says finding a building suitable for worship was just as arduous. As he tells it, he and Lori would spend hours during the lockdown ‘Covid Cruising’ – driving around Monroe and Livingston counties looking for where to plant this new church. Mark and Lori both felt drawn to rural southern Monroe County, and many hours were spent driving the back roads of Mendon, Lima, Rush and Honeoye Falls.

In April of 2020, while out on one of their Covid Cruises, Mark and Lori happened to turn onto Phelps Road in Honeoye Falls and came upon a large church with a ‘For Sale’ sign in the front yard. It seemed to check all the boxes – large worship space, gathering hall, kitchen, classrooms, and ample parking. But Mark knew buying the building was out of the question. Once again though, God intervened, and the owners agreed to rent the space. The lease was signed and the work of transforming this once abandoned church and conference center into a bright, warm, welcoming place of worship began, and on September 13, 2020, Hub Church led by Pastor Mark Kaiser opened its doors for its first service.

Located on 10 acres at 300 Phelps Road in Honeoye Falls, Hub Church is a non-denominational, Christcentered church that exists to help people know God, discover their purpose, find freedom, experience community, and make a difference.

Hub Church is a multi-cultural congregation, with people from all walks of life. The sense of community and family is evident to even first-time visitors. Step into the spacious entryway and you’ll be greeted with a cheery ‘Good Morning’ by the welcoming team. Stop and chat with Pastor Mark before service or any number of the other team members preparing for Sunday service. Help yourself to a cup of coffee or tea in the café area. Head into the sanctuary to join in song and praise with the worship team. Have little ones? The Hub Kids team will help you check them in and lead them to a space for their own special time of worship, Bible lesson, games and, of course, snack. There’s an entire wing of the church designed especially for children including a nursery, an adjoining toddler room, and even a large auditorium for the Children’s Worship Service.

So why the name Hub Church? Lori explains, “Our house was always the center of activity. When the kids were younger, we never knew who’d be over after school or show up for dinner. It was a hub – full of activity and a place to come and feel safe and at home. Hub Church is an extension of our home – it’s family and friends gathering in God’s house where there is no judgement and where people can feel loved and build relationships.”

Services are every Sunday at 9:30 am beginning with a time of praise and worship followed by Pastor Mark’s message. If you’d like to learn more about Hub Church, check out the website at or call the church office at (585) 577-9881.

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