Linden Bellizzi holds the trophy cup, having won the age nine and ten boys race in 5:36. Second place Reed Woodruff, #160, and third place Liam Dailor, # 131, enjoy the celebration along with Luke Washburn, Quentin Marshall, Chase McVige, Nathan Conrad, Luke Boldt and Lev Stromeyer. Photo by Lesley Moffett-Krause

The Bellizzi family, like many others over the years, has made the annual Youth Trophy Cup Runs a can’t-miss event. They have also made the victory stand a can’t-miss destination. For the second year in a row, Linden Bellizzi won the race for nine and ten year old boys. Winning that same age group, as well as the next higher one, the previous three years, was his brother Braden. A third Bellizzi, Collin, has been runner-up in his age group this year and the previous two. That kind of family participation and enjoyment of the Fall Weekend “race-day” has been shared by so many others over the event’s twenty-three years.

As is tradition, the Youth Trophy Cup Runs was held on the Sunday of the school’s big Fall Weekend celebration, this year, October 6th. It is part of the HF-L school district’s Community Programs, headed by Ari Freedman-Weiss.

In addition to the Bellizzi family success, there were many shining performances this year. Greta Goodberlet is establishing herself as a terrific young talent. She won the very competitive six year old race by a large margin, as she did last year in the five year olds race. Evelyn Odell won the nine and ten girls race with steady, strategic pacing that allowed her to overcome a large gap and move to first place for the win with only a hundred yards to go. Sarah Smith ran an excellent 5:43 time to win the eleven and twelve girls race with a big margin. Other wins were achieved by Wyatt Torpey, five year olds, Evan Mason, seven year olds, Mackinley Buckley, eight year olds and Samuel Jokl, eleven and twelve boys. Lee and Reed Woodruff were outstanding, both notching second in their age-group races. The Hulsey family saw Charlotte take second in the nine and ten girls race and sisters Gretchen and Kate getting second and third, respectively, in the eleven and twelve girls race. See the full race results for all participants presented below.

Sponsors and volunteers make the Youth Trophy Cup Runs happen. Pizza, donated by Salvatore’s Old Fashioned Pizzeria, was a well-earned post-race carbohydrate replenishment for all. Water and balloons were, again, donated by long-time sponsor Honeoye Falls Market-Place. Along with Market-Place, Molye Chevrolet and the Honeoye Falls branch of M&T Bank are important, annual financial contributors. Many high school students volunteered to help set-up and run the event. They included National Honors Society members and athletes from the HF-L cross country and other teams.

Due to construction at the Middle School grounds, the Youth Trophy Cup Runs was relocated this year to behind the Manor School. The new courses were carefully laid out and precisely measured so that they exactly match the distances of the previous courses for each age group. All prior course records, therefore, remain applicable for this year and those to come.

Results of the races are as follows:

  • The Smith family, including Holly and Sarah, enjoy “race-day”. Photo by Lesley Moffett-Krause

    5 Year Old Boys and Girls Race (.264 mile distance): 1) Wyatt Torpey (2:02), 2) Lee Woodruff (2:03.5), 3) Cora DiDonno (2:03.9), 4) Elizabeth Geary (2:06), 5) Alexander Conrad (2:07) with other finishers being Abigail Flynn, Noah Arpelleh-Monaco, Hayden Parmalee, Paxton Missel, Charlotte Staples, Alina Wagner, Livi Dimino, Charlie Ogden, Avery Conner and Jacob Pude.

  • 6 Year Old Boys and Girls Race (.264 mile distance): 1) Greta Goodberlet (1:38), 2) Colden Campbell (1:47), 3) Maddox Bramble (1:49), 4) Camden Nichols (1:52), 5) Noah Flanzburg (1:57) with other finishers being Megan Smith, Owen Darcy, Noah Winseman, Josie Vasile, Kylie McVige, Issac Maxon, Paislee Liberatore, Ella Parmalee, Brendan Dacey, Juliet Grethel, Wyatt Love, Harper Swan, Mia Keller, Crake Stanton, Carlisi DiMino and Lucas Kwaitkowski.
  • 7 Year Old Boys and Girls Race (.521 mile distance): 1) Evan Mason (3:42), 2) Jack Hildreth (3:51), 3) Evan Gardner (3:55), 4) Jonah Lindsay (3:59.3), 5) Charlie Marasco (3:59.6) with other finishers being Cody Swan, Justice James, Evan Khona, Kamden Pratt, Arabella Grethel, Henry Lindsay, Sean Meisenzahl, Skylar Stevenson, Finley Hulsey, Trystin Hildreth, Beatrice Corey, Miles Phillips, Autumn Carpenter and Audrey Pude.
  • 8 Year Old Boys and Girls Race (.521 mile distance): 1) Mackinley Buckley (3:27), 2) Collin Bellizzi (3:33), 3) William Segar (3:52), 4) Vivian Marshall (3:54), 5) Clara Boldt (3:56) with other finishers being Nathan Trotta, Raiden Knox, Nsomi Stanley, Gavin Rose, Jane Henshaw and Chase Carpenter.
  • 9 and 10 Year Old Girls Race (.859 mile distance): 1) Evelyn Odell (6:17), 2) Charlotte Hulsey (6:35), 3) Lindsay Mason (6:44), 4) Ali Marasco (6:48), 5) Brooke Gruschow (7:02) with other finishers being Audrey Samson, Anneleise Corey, Joelle Smith, Emerson Gardner, Nyia Armbruster, Holly Smith and Skylar Meyers.
  • 9 and 10 Year Old Boys Race (.859 mile distance): 1) Linden Bellizzi (5:36), 2) Reed Woodruff (5:42), 3) Liam Dailor (5:48), 4) Nathan Conrad (6:26), 5) Quentin Marshall (6:48) with other finishers being Chase McVige, Luke Boldt, Luke Washburn and Lev Stromeyer.
  • 11 and 12 Year Old Girls Race (.859 mile distance): 1) Sarah Smith (5:43), 2) Gretchen Hulsey (6:29) and 3) Kate Hulsey (6:48).
  • 11 and 12 year Old Boys Race (.859 mile distance): 1) Braden Bellizzi (5:21), 2) Drew Larson (5:24), 3) Camden Hulsey (5:56) and 4) Shane Samson (5:58).

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