Lima Primary students recite the Pledge of Allegiance online last Friday. Screenshot photo by Donna MacKenzie

It was a different Flag Day celebration and Teddy Bear picnic this year at Lima Primary School as the students and staff celebrated remotely and also held the school’s final Dance Party Friday.

Normally, Flag Day is marked by the kindergarten and first-grade students at the school and the students have been known to walk on the sidewalks of the village waving flags. The students also have a Teddy Bear picnic that same day where their parents or grandparents can come. They spread blankets on the lawn, if it is sunny, and enjoy typical picnic fare and students can bring their favorite stuffed animal.

This year, Principal Allison Cimmerer led staff and students in the Pledge of Allegiance remotely as students held their teddy bears or stuffed animal of choice. Later in the day, the school held its final Dance Party Friday. Dance Party Fridays are a weekly staple at the school.


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