Lima Primary students explore during Maker Faire

One of the classes at Lima Primary School learn about this helicopter and the Helimission organization during the school’s Maker Faire last Friday. Photo by Donna MacKenzie

From cardboard construction to beekeeping, from making their own trail mix to bookmaking and to science experiments, the students at Lima Primary School explored a variety of topics during the school’s annual Maker Faire on October 26.

In classrooms on the second floor of the school, students could make owls out of Legos. They were able to make bookmarks, books and tile paths. They fashioned animals out of balloons. The kindergarten and first-grade students enjoyed science experiments and dash robots. They experienced yarn weaving and working with hair chalk and tattoos.

In first floor classrooms, the library and the cafeteria, the activities were just as varied. In one room, there was spin art and beekeeping. In another room, students in the morning could make their own trail mix and in the afternoon were able to toss their own pizza dough. In another, they could take apart items. Bouncy balls and using a 3-D printer took place in two other rooms. Students learned about medicine with a Medical Teddy Bear in the library. Mini robots were the morning activity in another classroom with cardboard construction taking over that space in the afternoon.

Ipad Rehab and Drama Kids were the morning and afternoon activities in one classroom. Students were able to experience a photo booth and frame making in one of the rooms. The students had an apple tasting in one of the first floor classrooms. Making something from playdough was one of the more popular activities. Learning about gardening took place in the cafeteria. The students were able to experience puppet-making and a marble maze in two other rooms. They learned about Rekenreks, an arithmetic rack, in another room. The kindergarten and first-graders were able to get acquainted with some exotic animals in a classroom. Yoga Stories and a visit with Mr. Scribbles rounded out indoor activities.

Outside, on the tennis courts, students learned about and watched air-propelled rockets. Horses from the Livingston County Mounted Patrol were also outside. Students received guided tours of one of Lima’s Ambulances and Lima Fire Department’s aerial truck. They learned about the helicopters flown by Helimission, which had its small two-seater helicopter available for the children to look at. Helimission Foundation’s aim is to provide social, medical and spiritual help to poor people in remote and inaccessible areas and is a non-profit and non-governmental organization which operates worldwide with a local connection on Rochester Street in Lima.



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