Manor School second-graders hold medallions depicting the logos of the branches of the U.S. military during their Flag Day production. Photo by Donna MacKenzie

Second-grade students at Honeoye Falls-Lima’s Manor School gave two performances of the Flag Day program “America…A Proud Nation”, a musical tribute to the United States of America on June 15.

Once again this year, the presentation was tweaked a little. “We Love the USA” was performed by all the students as they marched into the District Auditorium from the back of the theater. Mrs. Fleming’s class presented “The United States” which still featured each of the 50 state names but was different from previous years’ when students sang “The 50 Nifty United States”. Mrs. Leonard’s class sang and used sign language to perform “The Star Spangled Banner”.

All of the students recited “The Pledge of Allegiance” and “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”. Mrs. Patton’s students sang “America, America”. Mrs. Graney’s class sang “Yankee Doodle”. All the students participated in “Thank You Soldiers”, which featured a slideshow of the students’ relatives who served in the military and in the “Taps Prologue” which featured each branch of the military service. Mr. Fallon’s students sang “America the Beautiful”. Mrs. Erickson’s class sang “Famous Americans” which featured the names of different famous Americans.

The presentation concluded with all the second grade students singing “Proud to be an American”.


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