Math Night Adds Up to Fun in Wheatland-Chili CSD

Students learning during Math Night at Wheatland-Chili. Submitted photo

T. J. Connor Elementary faculty hosted the second annual Family Math Night as an opportunity to showcase what students are working on in school and share ways families can be involved at home to help parents support their children’s learning.

The TJ Connor faculty members taught students and parents games they could play at home. The games focused on fluency with all four operations, problem solving, and grade level specific skill building. For example, number recognition for Kindergarten and decimal comparison for fifth-graders.

“Our goal for Family Math Night was for students and families to take away some ideas to support their children’s math fluency at home in a fun and easy way,” said Wheatland-Chili Math Intervention Teacher Siobhan Hough. “This helps build the home-school connection and reinforces for our students that learning can take place anywhere, even when they are playing games.”

Thank you to Siobhan Hough for organizing the event; Julia Mazzotta and Erin Ayers for their assistance with planning; grade level teams for organizing the games; Patty Bruno for help collecting and putting together the game packets from the grade levels; and Pauline Emelson for making the baskets donated by the Wheatland-Chili Federation of Teachers (WCFT).



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