New Jazzercise Classes Open in Mendon at StudioMOVE and free classes for young women in 2017

Jazzercise, Inc. announced the opening of its newest fitness classes in Mendon. Located at 16 Mendon-Ionia Road. the studio offers 9 classes weekly.

To kick off the new class schedule, we are hosting a Glow Dance Party on January 6, 2017 at 6 pm. All class donations will be given to the Honeoye Falls F.I.S.H. Food Cupboard. We will dance in the glow with our fabulous team of 6 instructors with black lights, glow bracelets, current music, innovative dance moves, and an after party.

“Jazzercise has become so popular in Rochester and surrounding areas that we found it necessary to open our own facility,” local instructor, Lori Rayburn explained. “Now we can offer our students the best accommodations and the most convenient class times.”

Jazzercise is a pulse-pounding, bass-dropping fitness program that gets results…fast. It’s a calorie-torching, hip-swiveling dance party workout with a hot playlist to distract from the burn. Customers can incinerate up to 800 calories in one 60 minute class. There are a variety of classes to choose from including Strike, Fusion, Core, Strength and Dance Mixx.
In addition, Jazzercise, Inc. is proud to announce a new initiative for 2017 that supports the growth and development of young women by offering free classes to girls aged 16-21. Dubbed GirlForce, the program aims to empower young women by giving them a place to get fit, learn healthy habits, and find a place they belong in their communities.

“Last June at the State of Women Summit hosted by the White House, so many amazing speakers talked about the importance of helping girls as they grow up and a light bulb went off for me,” says CEO and Founder Judi Sheppard Missett. Set to launch in January 2017, participating Jazzercise locations will encourage teens and college-aged women to join the movement and learn to “dance their own path.” Sheppard Missett says the program“ might evolve into other things, but for now we want to keep it simple.”

“As a mom of two girls, I know that young women confront unique challenges,” continues Jazzercise, Inc. President Shanna Missett Nelson. “We know what physical activity does for us. We hope that offering girls a safe place for them to get fit can help…” “so they can become strong women!” finishes Sheppard Missett.

While Jazzercise, Inc and its franchisees have raised over $28MM for charities over their 47 year history, this is the first time the company has developed a corporate initiative. Girls who are interested in joining the GirlForce can find more information at or follow @jazzerciseinc Instagram page.

Jazzercise in Mendon is located at 16 Mendon-Ionia Road. For a class schedule, go to, call (800) FIT-IS-IT, download our free schedule app or call/text Lori 585-624-7838. You can also visit our Facebook page @mendonjazzercise.
Jazzercise is one of the world’s leading dance fitness companies with 8,300+ franchisees teaching 32,000+ classes per week in 32 countries around the world. Instructors train every year to master the Jazzercise method, which fuses cardio, resistance training, Pilates, yoga, kickboxing and the demanding forms of dance. Classes include Fusion, Strike, Core, Strength and Dance Mixx. With constantly changing moves, new beats, a variety of workouts and calorie-crushing intensity, customers can expect to feel results after three classes and expect to stick with it. Stop working out and start working it…with Jazzercise.



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