Scottsville resident Evan Dumrese crossing the finish line at the 122nd Boston Marathon on April 16, 2018. Photo courtesy of Evan Dumrese.

Evan Dumrese and his fellow marathoners may have run hundreds of miles to train for the legendary Boston course, but all of that work didn’t prepare many for the weather-related obstacles they would face on race day. Dumrese finished the 26.2 mile course in 3 hours, 25 minutes, but the frigid, wet weather conditions for the day deterred many of his fellow marathoners. While nearly 30,000 runners qualified and registered to run, only 27,000 actually started that morning and less than 26,000 finished.

According to Dumrese, who started training for the race on Christmas 2017, even daily runs in the cold and snowy winter here didn’t come close to what he experienced on race day – temperatures in the low 40s, pouring (horizonal) rain and a decent headwind that all resulted in a below freezing windchill. And adding insult to injury? “We had to wait outside in the cold and the rain for over two hours before the race even started.”

Does this mean the runner has crossed Boston off the list? “Not at all,” Dumrese said. In fact he is already thinking about how to qualify for Boston again to try and record a “sub 3” finish in what has to be better weather.


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