Hamlet Halloween provides fun night

Halloween weekend was a holiday happening in the hamlet. The fun began with the Mendon Community Business Association enticing local residents with an invitation of “This Friday!!! Let’s get together” for “A Hamlet Halloween”. More than 50 people answered the call.

This was the first “annual” Hamlet Halloween. At a recent Mendon Community Business Association meeting, there was a discussion about the desire to have some events in Mendon proper, similar to celebrations held in surrounding communities. The MCBA membership wants to create some community spirit, introduce people to various businesses that they might not be aware of, celebrate our seasons, and give MCBA some opportunities to work together to benefit Mendon.

There was a volunteer committee consisting of: North Glow Photography (Chelse Thompson and Paul Mattison), Mendon Pet Supply (Diane Belmont), Van Skiver Contracting (Josh Van Skiver), StudioMOVE (Chris Brush), Mendon COOP (Barb Amering), and The Cottage Hotel (Hilary Stott). Chris’s son, Jared from Hidden Springs Farm, also volunteered to operate the hayride using his tractor and wagon.

The evening began with a gathering at Mendon Pet Supply where the owner’s mom, Diane Belmont hosted an open house. Included in the festivities was a raffle with prizes provided by the businesses mentioned above. After mingling at the pet store, folks meandered over to the hay wagon and everyone boarded up for the crosstown ride to StudioMOVE where owner Chris Brush hosted a monster mash dance.

Out of town guest, Heidi Mueller, led dozens of kids through various dances and physical activities. Barbara Amering who operates the COOP in the same building was also on hand enabling visitors to peruse her unique store displays of local craftsmanship.

After 40 minutes of fun here, the hay wagon reloaded and made another cross-hamlet sojourn. A special moment occurred when the hayride stopped at Mendon 64 for treats and everyone marched through the bar. People were very happy and complimentary of the group and its Halloween spirit!

After this celebration the hayride continued to North Glow Photography which is located in Scheifen Plaza where the old bicycle shop used to be. Here owners Chelse Thompson and Paul Mattison offered a nice spread of refreshments while all the costumed kids were given the opportunity to cycle through a photo op. Parents seemed to really enjoy the photographs which were taken.

Chris Brush said, “Next year I hope we can also have a “director” in costume to lead people through activities at the various stops. I took on that role unexpectedly this year. This will definitely be an annual event.”



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