Paul Bergwall stands next to some of his work at the Mendon Library. Photo courtesy of the Mendon Public Library

What started in March 2020 as a way to stay strong and healthy during the pandemic, getting out for a walk each day and capturing images along the way, has expanded beyond Paul Bergwall’s initial imaginings. Over 305 Facebook and Instagram posts later, with more posted each day according to location and sequence number, Paul Bergwall’s walks and the sights he encountered while wandering are captured in a photography collection he’s titled, “Staying close to home, Honeoye Falls (the coronavirus days).” A sampling of that collection is now on display at the Mendon Public Library through March 20, 2021.

All of the shots are taken outside. Some of the photos are reflections in windows that draw us inward, others are seemingly simple shots of trees that somehow transform into dancing ladies, while others show the underside and unseen beauty of often travelled roads. The photographs encourage thought, stillness, and even elicit an emotional response.

“It’s been surprising to see how people react to these images,” Paul said. “They’re images of places and things we see every day in our special village. But, sometimes, just by taking a photograph, you allow people to see things in a different way.”

The 12 items on display at the Library along with prints made from his collections on Facebook and Instagram are available for purchase. You can reach out via social media or contact Paul directly at

Paul Bergwall is a retired photography and art teacher at Fairport Central Schools. Prior to a career in education, he worked at Eastman Kodak Company in the Creative Imaging Group. He and his wife Deborah, a clerk at the Mendon Public Library, enjoy hiking, kayaking, and travel near and far.

“I never imagined this project would continue for so long,” Paul said. “And, it’s looking like it might go on for quite a bit longer.”

For those able to view the images on Paul’s social media platforms or through this display at the library, the fact that these photographs keep coming is one of the silver linings of the pandemic.

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