Scottsville’s iKON Ice Cream Celebrates 2019 Opening

iKON officially opened its doors this past Saturday, May 4th. The Nicolosi family celebrated the start of season two with a biodegradable balloon launch, a symbolic event that many of Kael’s friends attended to honor iKON’s namesake who was tragically killed in a car accident two years ago.

Despite being open for only one season, iKON Ice Cream undoubtedly secured its spot as a Scottsville “hall of fame” business. The bright storefront, friendly staff, bittersweet beginnings (and of course, ice cream) all helped bring a youthful energy and a bit of buzz back to Scottsville’s Main Street for the latter half of 2018.

iKON’s inaugural season came to a close in November, giving owners Keith and Tiffany Nicolosi some time to reflect and plan. “It was a much-needed break after a very exciting but exhausting launch. Over the winter we spent a lot of time with family and friends. Keith focused on his amusements and vending business and I returned to teaching, but we talked a lot about what we could do differently in year two in terms of the menu and shop atmosphere,” explained Tiffany.

Year two is now here and new items that customers will find on iKON’s 2019 menu include iced coffee and Butterbeer. Each iKON version of its ‘koffee’ starts with an iced glass of full body gourmet blend coffee sweetened in any variety of ways. iKON Koffee is sweetened with creamer; iKON Light is sweetened with artificial sweetener and creamer; iKON Kreative is sweetened by whatever the customer would like. For Harry Potter fans, iKON Butterbeer is a “mystery” based butterscotch milkshake that resembles a frozen soda with a buttercream head (straight out of Hogsmeade).

Other changes returning customers will notice include new orange paint on the exterior and the addition of a second seating area where Keith will eventually install a few video games. “We learned several things last year. Our little shop became a social outing for many people so when the opportunity arose to secure the space next to us, we went for it. Now we have this safe, fun area for kids to eat and play and that allows more time for their parents to socialize with friends and neighbors,” Keith stated.

The social aspect of the shop came as somewhat of a surprise to the Nicolosis, as did a few other lessons. For example, how much influence the weather has over customer volume. “We never expected to become a hub of village activity so quickly but we thrive off of it. We have completely embraced the love and support from everyone, for not just us but the spirit of our Kael as well,” said Tiffany.

Though 2019 is bringing a few changes to iKON, all the things that have led to its success are still soundly in place. “We are happy that many of our original employees were able to return though there will also be a new face or two as well. All other items will be back on the menu including the ice cream ‘kakes’ we added last fall that were a big hit,” explained Keith. When asked what the customer favorite is, Keith replied that, “Hand-down what we sell the most of is flavored custard. By using the highest quality setting on our machines along with one of the best custards available and countless flavor choices, we’ve been told it’s the best around.”

Tiffany agreed and added that the custard flavor possibilities are “literally endless,” and offered up Red Velvet Cheesecake as sounding unusual but tasting incredible. “That is our most popular custard combination and it was created by one of our employees, Kristiana Ames.” As for the Perry’s hard ice cream the shop serves, the customer favorites in 2018 were Rocky Mountain Raspberry and Lets Dough Buffalo. What will 2019 bring? “We can’t wait to find out,” laughed Tiffany.

Come tell iKON about your favorite ice cream! iKON Ice Cream is located at 12 Main Street in Scottsville and until mid-June is open daily from 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM. Find iKON on Facebook to learn more.



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